Hinz & Kunzt – Cardboard Campaign

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It was key to create something that would stand out amidst all the political campaigning in the city. As there was basically no budget, the campaign needed to create a lot of media attention in order to make the topic important in public debate. It was also key to win supporters to make the campaign happen in the first place. In the end the real goal was to help shift the election in a favorable direction: from the conservative to a more social government.


Cannes Lion 2011 – Bronze + shortlists
Eurobest 2011 – Gold + shortlists
ADC Germany 2012 – Bronze
RedDot 2011
BOB 2011 – Bronze + shortlists
One Show 2012 – Merit
ADC*Europe 2012 – Shortlist (Design)
PlakaDiva 2012 – Silver (Ambient)
German Media Award 2012 – Shortlist (Media)