fighting breast cancer

How do you create awareness for breast cancer in a society where talking about breasts is already a taboo? In this case we had to reach women directly and educate them on the importance of self-examination. During the breast cancer month we grabbed the women’s attention with an unusual ambient piece: the One Breasted Mannequin. Placed in a lingerie store with supporting material like fitting room stickers and tags on cloths. To raise further attention we also launched a webside with additional information and links for help and support.

Cannes Lion Shortlist Promo 2009
Cannes Lion Shortlist Media 2009
One Show Shortlist Outdoor 2009
Gold Dubai Lynx Media 2009
Silver Dubai Lynx Promo 2009
Bronze Dubai Lynx Outdoor 2009
Shortlist Dubai Lynx Integrated 2009
Grand Prix Mena Cristal Outdoor 2009
Gold Mena Cristal Outdoor 2009
Gold Mena Cristal Direct 2009
Gold Mena Cristal Promo 2009