caught in cannes

After a longer period of restructuring, JWT Germany needed to boost its reputation and relevance in a market dominated by independent agencies. At the same time, most German clients still do not go to Cannes. And the German ad press mainly reports about German award winners. At the same time, the business success of many German clients actually depends on the globalized world.

To deliver global industry knowledge from Cannes and to own it in Germany by creating the interview format: “Caught in Cannes”. Not about awards, all about knowledge.

Prior to Cannes trade verticals of the ad industry were addressed to explain the shift of JWT Germany’s setup and structure. At the same time existing clients were asked about their “hot topics”. In Cannes, these topics were then debated with global industry opinion leaders. In an exclusive media-partnership the daily episodes ran on Germany’s most important trade publication website (W&V). Post Cannes, the content was reedited as a moderated 80-minute documentary. This became a VIP mailing.

DMA ECHO 2012 –  Bronce (Direct)
BoB Awards 2012 – Bronce (Credentials) / Bronce (PR) / Shortlist (Integrated)
DDP Germany 2012- Shortlist (CIntegrated)
German Mailing Award 2012 – Gold (Credentials)